About Me

_D3_2873_ppWHO AM I?

My name is Elmarie Dreyer, however the Aussies nicknamed me “Elmo”.

I was born in Pretoria, South Africa and spent the majority of my life living in Cape Town. The foundation for my love of photography was laid down in this beautiful City with so much opportunities to capture.

In 2013 we got the opportunity to emigrate to Australia – we moved here in January 2014. I’m chasing my dream in this beautiful and vast country which has so much still to be discovered by me.


My aunt bought me my first little camera at the age of 11…a Kodak Ektra 100.  I guess that’s what triggered it all and I’ve been snap happy ever since!

I am passionate about my photography – capturing everyday life and the beauty that surrounds me!

Ever since my childhood days I’ve been interested in art – I firmly believe that this stems from getting exposure to art in all its forms and facets as I come from a creative and an artistic family.

My other love is architecture – the clean, masculine lines of a modern building, the roughness of rustic designs…the pleasing effect shapes, forms and textures have on the mind and eyes.

Another interest of mine is aviation: if it has wings it grabs my attention. I can often be seen alongside the airfield or airport with my camera in my hand.


My aim is to capture those fleeting moments and memories in our everyday lives – creating everlasting memories my clients and future generations can cherish.

I received media accreditation for several airshows and events in South Africa. Please browse through my galleries to take a glimpse at my work.

(Emmys Photography traded as Umoya Photography when based in South Africa. Emmy D Photography was used in the interim during the transition between South Africa and Australia.)